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Joliet Blues Festival is a unique event in Joliet.  We had over 1000 at our first concert in our first year.  Now, here we are in year two and the festival is going to be bigger and better.  How will it be better?  With more vendors and great food of course! Please consider bring your food truck to the Joliet Blues Festival!

Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park •  201 W Jefferson St  • Joliet, IL  60432

                        food vendor application

                    BLUES  FESTIVAL    «     AUGUST 10, 2019     «    3:00 -10:00 pm


                                                • Bicentennial Park  Registration Fee:  $150.00 + Electric    

                                                                •Will County Health Department Fee:  $90.00

Separate checks & forms. Send both to the Park. You may submit WCHD’s form & payment directly to them (see WCHD INFO below).     


(Please print)

Vendor Name:                                                                      Email:                                                                                 


Contact  Person:                                                                    Phone:                                                                                 




Menu (list all items.):                                                                                                                                                                                                        



ONLY Bicentennial Park sells hot dogs, popcorn, beer & wine. The Park reserves the right to limit a vendor’s menu. Any changes to your above menu must be approved by the Park first. Thank you for your cooperation.


EVENT TIME:                    Saturday, August 10, 2019    3:00-10:00 pm


INSPECTION TIME:         Be ready by 2:00 pm (once you pass inspection, you may begin to sell, even before 3:00 pm). Supply and                                                                 extra vehicles must be in the north parking lot by 2:00 pm.


ARRIVAL TIME:               Expected date:                                                             Expected time:                                                                             


WCHD INFO:                      Permit fee ($90) is payable to: Will County Health Department.  Return their form and payment to Park by 8/1/19.  We will forward to WCHD. Or, you may choose the online option below.


WCHD ONLINE:                You may opt to send the WCHD form and payment online directly to them (see below). Still send

                                                the Park this form and Park fee by 8/1/19.  If you choose this option, please check the box here: 


                                                Form: . Email form: Pay: (use PLC7078) or call 888-604-7888 opt. 1. Will County Health Department: 815-727-8490.  


INSURANCE:                      You must provide a certificate of insurance stating: “the City of Joliet and the Will-Joliet Bicentennial Park, Inc. and their agents and employees as additionally insured.” Liability coverage $1,000,000.00


VENDING SPACE:                       feet  x              feet     We will show you to your assigned location.            

SUPPLY TRUCK:                         feet  x              feet    Adjacent  to  Vending?               yes                 feet   

CAMPER SPACE:              Will your parking permit be for a camper (or similar vehicle)?           yes                       space needed

                                                (Only 3 camper spaces available)   Need to be near hook-up for:              water              electric                          

PARKING:                            Limited to one stall in the north lot (off Western Avenue). 


ELECTRIC:                          Include all electric needs for booth, supply truck, camper, mobile home, etc.  You must bring your own electric lines/connectors.  Park does not supply.  Call if you need a diagram of connectors.

#              lines       110 volt lines   @   $10/line   =   $                   electric fee          

#              lines       220 volt lines   @   $20/line   =   $                   electric fee                                  


WATER:                               Must bring your own food-safe hoses.  Water fee is included with electric fee.


FEES PAYABLE TO:        Bicentennial Park                                                              Will County Health Department

                                                $150.00 + electric fee                                                         $90.00 ($120.00 after 8/1/19)


SEND TO:                   

                                                Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park                                                  

                                                201 West Jefferson                                            

                                                Joliet, IL  60432 


INCLUDE:                            1.) This registration form                                   4.) Will County Health Department permit form*       

                                                2.) Registration fee                                              5.) Will County Health Department fee*                                                                                        3.) Insurance certificate                                     *May send directly to WCHD (check box above)


MORE INFO:                       Park Contact       Deanna Opsahl              Phone                                 E-mail                              Hours            Tu-F 8:00am – 4:30pm      

                                              Main:   (815) 724-3761                                                                                                                                                                                             

I have   enclosed  my  registration  and  electric  fee.  I  understand  that  the   conduct  of  the  sale  in  my  assigned  area,   as  well  as  the  security  of  those  possessions  brought  to  my  assigned  sale  space,  are  entirely  my  responsibility.  I  will  not  hold the  city  of  Joliet  or  its  employees      responsible  for  any  loss  or  damage  to  my  property  or  any  injury  to  my  employees  or  myself.  This   includes   set-up, event time  and  dismantling  of  space.


SIGNED ____________________________________            DATE     _____________________                                               

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501 (c) 3 Will-Joliet Bicentennial Park Inc. 

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